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Propriétés en Vente

Propriétés à vendre

344 Rue Lucien

1720 Crois. Surprenant

420 Rue Marthe

10 Rue Daguerre

424 Rue Marthe

255 Rue Marthe

340 Rue Lucien

3836 Rue Claude
Verdun/Île-des-Sœurs (Montréal)

130 Rue Stéphane

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Sale: A good image of your property

Before the Visit

Take care of the exterior. An attractive exterior encourages the buyer to visit the interior. Maintain the grass, walkway and entrance way well kept. In winter, remove the snow from the driveway and balconies.

A well maintained home facilitates the sale. Soiled walls or damaged woodworks diminish the buyer’s interest. Do the necessary housework.

Tidiness is essential. Clean and clear windows with resplendent surfaces are a valuable asset.

Repair the water faucets. A leaking faucet suggests poor piping quality.

Make the necessary adjustments. A door that does not close properly, a cracked molding, a poorly adjusted handle are details that might draw the visitor’s attention.

From the cellar to the attic. Do not neglect the spaces that are seldom visited. Clear the basement and the attic of useless accumulated objects. Emphasize on the storage spaces.

Be aware of the staircases. Encumbered staircases are dangerous and give a bad impression to the buyer.

The illusion of cupboards. Clothing and accessories that are well organized in cupboards are proof of comfort and convenience.

The kitchen is important. In order to please the visitors, ensure that the kitchen utensils are clean, the counters are well organized and the décor in good taste.

The bedrooms must be inviting. As a space to relax, they have a singular importance. They are more attractive if they are tidy.

Check the bathroom twice. In many cases, a bathroom that is clean and clear facilitates the sale.

The light is your ally. Bright lighting is always more inviting. Open the curtains let the light enter. In the evening, light the interior as well as the exterior.

The visit

Stay at a leisurely (discreet) distance. Allow the Real Estate Broker to accompany the visitor. He or she knows which characteristics are of interest to the buyer and will be better able to emphasize them. However, always be available to answer any questions.

Do not intimidate the buyer. The more people present at the moment of the visit, the more the buyer will have the impression that they are disturbing. He may discontinue his visit before it is complete.

The ambience is significant. Your Real Estate Broker and the buyer must be able to speak freely. A television or a noisy sound system may cause disturbance.

Not everybody appreciates pets. Even if your beloved pets are well trained and docile, keep in mind that certain people do not appreciate them. Try to keep your pets at a safe distance.

Remember to remain discreet. Do not impose yourself on the visitor’s conversation. It is not you whom they’ve come to see, it is your house.

Personal taste and the colors are not to be discussed. Leave it up to the Real Estate Broker to answer to objections that may arise.

Do not attempt to forecast! Do not try to interest the customer in purchasing carpet or furniture before they decide to buy the house. You could compromise the transaction. It is important to wait for a suitable moment.

When ending the visit. It is tempting to discuss the selling price or (possession) with the buyer, but it is wiser to leave it to your Real Estate Broker. He or she is better qualified to negotiate, while taking your interest into account.



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